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Veronika és Péter esküvője

Veronika és Péter esküvője



I was sitting in the air-conditioned car while my husband to be and the wedding organiser Sofia (Sofia Pinter Weddings pinter.zsofi@ciprustravel.hu ) were trying to get the music working from the huge speakers standing in the sand. It seemed like it as not going to happen, as they couldn't see anything on the laptop screen because of the glaring sunlight.

They told me not to get out of the car because my make up would start melting. Well I would have to get out at the end anyway as I wasn't going to get married sitting in a car, right?! But I listened to them and waited...
My fiancé Peter came and explained why the music wasn't playing. I said just start paying any music, I don't care. We spent weeks carefully selecting the songs we wanted to hear while I was walking down the isle, but it just didn't seem that important anymore. We would get married today with or without music, to Enya or to David Guetta and that was that.

Peter went back to Sofia and then I suddenly heard the first tunes of the song we chose for this moment. Karcsi, my uncle opened the car door, took my hand and told me it was time. We were standing before a long wooden walkway with an altar made out of white roses in front us. The roses matched the bouquet I was holding and the flower in my hair. Behind the altar was the sea, playing in all colours of blue and turquoise. Our 11 guests were already seated on the wooden chairs in the sand, facing the sea. My husband to be was standing at the altar, with the wedding officer and Sofia to his right.

Everyone was looking at me and Karcsi, including Peter, who was dressed in a thin white shirt and white pants. I took in this beautiful scene and felt like in a dream, or at least a very romantic movie. This is perfect, I thought, I could never have imagined a more beautiful day for us. And I don't even care about the make up melting off my face!
Karcsi took my hand, and we started walking towards the altar with the love of my life waiting for me to marry him. Enya's Only Time played in the background. Walk slowly, savour the moment, so you can remember it forever, Karcsi whispered. I was almost in tears by the time we got to the altar. Karcsi then kissed me on both cheeks and gave my hand to Peter, who took it and smiled at me lovingly.


The wedding officer started his speech, he said we gathered here to marry Peter and Veronika. He spoke in English and Sofia translated for our guests who didn't speak English. He then gave us a piece of paper with our vows, which we were supposed to read to each other. Peter didn't stumble at all with his, he said it perfectly. Then it was my turn and I think I managed quite well. The nervousness of the past few weeks was slowly falling off me. Sofia handed us a seashell filled with sand with our rings placed in the middle. Peter took mine and pushed it on my finger. No way, I thought, how the hell am I going to get the ring out of all that sand with my long fake nails? Luckily I got it out after just a few seconds of my usually clumsiness and slowly pushed the ring on Peter's finger. The wedding officer pronounced us husband and wife. My new husband and I looked into each other's eyes, he leaned down towards me, took me in his arms and kissed me softly.

Sofia started speaking in Hungarian, while I was just mostly taking in the atmosphere, whishing this moment would last forever. She mentioned our loved ones who can't be here today, which was when I saw Peter's eyes were becoming glossy. No, I thought, I am not going to cry. I saw that even my mum was quite close to tears, which is highly unusual for her, so I was proud of myself for doing so well. I sat down at the table and signed the wedding certificate with Peter at my side. Then it was Peter's turn to sign. My mum and Peter's father were our witnesses, so the wedding officer asked them to come to the altar and give their signatures too.

When the ceremony was over our guests came and congratulated us one by one, kissing us on both cheeks. Someone opened the three bottles of champagne we brought and poured it in the champagne glasses. The songs we selected kept playing quietly.

My husband and I went for a walk along the beach with the photographer taking pictures of us, leaving our guests behind. We took our shoes off and walked barefoot, with my long skirt waving in the light breeze.
I kept thinking how lucky I am to have the best husband and the most beautiful wedding in the world.

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